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Railway Projects

 Work taken up includes-:

  • Survey, fixing of alignment, and designing Road and Railway.
  • Embankment and cuttings for Road/Rail.
  • Bridges (Major/Minor including ROB/RUB) for Rail/Road.
  • Steel girder fabrication and erection.
  • Laying of ballast and concrete sleepers and rails i.e. track laying (Manually & Mechanically).
  • Flash butt welding for long rails at site.
  • Signaling and electrification of Railway Yards.
  • OHE and General Electrification of Railway works.
  • Maintenance of railroads and rail infrastructure
  • Allied services such as service buildings, railway stations and terminals
  • Urban railways on elevated sections.


Our company is associated with Indian Railways since last seven years and had the opportunity of executing every type of work mentioned above starting from survey design to final commissioning of rail track even on EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) basis as well as for allied infrastructure like electrification, signaling, service, buildings, etc. In the process, we have not only acquired all the Plant & Machineries but also the intellectual know-how and trained manpower needed for executing such types of work. Sophisticated and costly design-drawing software, heavy earth moving machines, bridge work equipments like cranes, piling machines, batching plants, transit mixture, concrete pumps, sophisticated girder manufacturing-launching machines and supports, track laying machines, rail flash butt welding machines, etc. for complete railway work requiring huge capital outlay.

Major Projects Executed

  • Construction of Sub-structure of Major Bridges No. 17(3 nos. 30.5 m), 18(1 no. 30.5m), 19(1 no. 30.5m), 32(2 x 12.2m + 1 x 61.0m) & 34 on Rajatgarh-Barang of East-Coast Railway.
  • Supply and installation of Track, Signaling and Yard Lighting Works for Construction of Keonjhar-Tomka new BG Railway Line in Orissa, India(110 km.).
  • Construction of inplant yard, unloading bulb and MGR link line upto Km 50.0 including earthwork in formation of railway, road bridge work and pavement work with supply of materials for NTPFC, SSTPP-Package-II.
  • Construction of MGR link line from Ch. 35.00 Kms to Ch. 40/955 .30Kms. And loading bulb and yard, including earth work information of Railway, Road, Bridge work and Pavement work with supply of materials for NTPC, Sipat STPP-Package-V.
  • Construction of Railway Siding Gatora to Inplant Yard (Km.1 0.963 to 12.880) including earth work in formation of Railway, road, Bridge work and pavement way work with supply of Materials for NTPC, Sipat STPP-Package-I.
  • New Bg Railway Line between Tomka Keonjhar-Banspani of Khurda Road Division in E.Co.Railway - Construction of approach road to ROB at crossing No 15 of Railway Chainage 67/920 Km at 5th Km of Naranpur - Pandapada Road MDR - 12B.
  • Design, Engineering, obtaning statutary approvals from Railways and other relevant authorities, necessory site preparation, mobilisation of all labour, construction materials and equipment, transporatation, unloading, civil works, storage, erection/construction, testing and commissioning of Railway Siding and Linking from Ambodala Railway Station to the Alumina Plant including intra-plant network for Alumina Refinery at Lanjigarh, Dist. Kalahandi, Orissa on Turnkey Basis.

Major Projects under execution.

  • Construction of Roadbed in connection with doubling of railway line between Barang and Rajatgarh (25 Km), Cuttack-Barang(12 Km) and 3rd line between Barang and Khurda Road (35 Km) in the State of Orissa.
  • Construction of Major Bridges in connection with doubling of railway line between Barang-Rajatgarh(25 Km), Cuttack-Barang (12 Km) and 3rd line between Barang-Khurda Road (35 Km) in the State of Orissa.
  • Supply and installation of track (excluding supply of rails) signaling and overhead equipment (OHE) & associated equipment for 25 KV, AC traction, in connection with doubling of railway line between Barang-Rajatgarh (25 Km), Cuttack-Barang (12 Km) and 3rd line beween Barang-Khurda Road (35 Km) in the State of Orissa. The above three projects are executed under a JV with ARSS share being. 30%.
  • New Broad Gauge Line between SALEM-KARUR (Via) NAMAKKAL-Earth Work in cutting, forming a bank, Construction of Major Bridges, road over bridges, Road Under Bridges, Limited Use Subways etc, between Km 0.000 to Km 25.50 between SALEM and RASIPURAM Stations.
  • New Broad Gauge Line between SALEM-KARUR (Via) NAMAKKAL-Earth Work in cutting, forming a bank, Construction of Major/Minor bridges, road over Bridges, Road, Under Bridges, Limited Use Subways etc, RASIPURAM and NAMAKKAL Stations. The above two projects are executed in JV with ARSS's share is 60%.
  • Earth work, construction of bridges, track linking with ballast supply and auxiliary work related with Construction of Private railway siding, at Apahatu mines.(Two Packages)
  • Construction of Railway yard and expansion of VSKP Steel plant.
  • New Board Gauge Line between SALEM and KARAR (Via) NAMAKKAL-Proposed Construction of RCC 'T' Beam and Slab ROAD OVER BRIDGES, Limited use ROAD UNDER BRIDGES/SUBWAY including Road Approaches, Diversion Road etc. between MOHANUR and KARUR.
  • New Road between Salem-Karur of km.24.582.
  • Construction of Broad Gauage Formation & Minor Bridges from chainage 75000.00 to 90000.00 between Lalsot and Gangpur city in connection with Dausa-Gangapur City New Broad Gauge Line Project.
  • Construction of Broad Gauge Formation and Minor Bridges from chainage 45000.00 to 60000.00 between Lalsot and Gangpur City in Connection with Dausa-Gangapur City.
  • Construction of Broad Gauge formation and minor bridges from Ch-41000 to Ch-45000, Ch-30000 to Ch38000 and Ch60000 to Ch 75000 in connection Dausa-Gangapur city new Broad Gauge line project.
  • Gauge conversion between Pollachi and Palghat (Reach I & Reach II) in Southern Railway.
  • Rail connectivity to coal and iron ore yards of Ennore ports.
  • Construction of Railway over bridge at Titlagarh.
  • Yard remodeling of Melmanuvathur station in connection with doubling of BG Line between Chengelpettu-Vellupram.
  • Construction of Rail Track between Hasauri-Rewari linking of new BG track from new Coochbehar to Golakganj (55 Km) in Alipurdwar Division of N.F. Railway including construction of station buildings and all passenger amenities.
  • Construction of major bridges (4 nos) on pile and well foundation with PSC girder of different spans in Chengelpettu-Vellupuram Section of S.Rly.
  • Construction of major bridges (4 nos) on PEN-ROHA Section of C.Rly.
  • Construction of private siding (32 kms lining) for M/s Vedanta Aluminium Limited taking off from Ambadola Rly Station of Titlagarh-Raigada Section of E.Co. Railway.
  • Construction of 3rd line between VRN - Kottavalsa (Section I & II)
  • Gauge conversion between Tirunelvell-Tenkasi in Southern Railway
  • Construction of Major Bridges(12 nos.) with PSC girder on bored pile foundation in connection with construction of B.G. line between Dausa-Gangapur of North Western Railway.
  • Construction of Broad Gauge formation, minor bridges and ancillary works for double line from Km 103 to Km 119 in PEN-ROHA section of Central Railway.
  • Construction of Broad Gauge formation, minor bridges and ancillary works for double line from Km 121 to Km 131.12 in PEN-ROHA section of Central Railway.
  • Construction of Broad Gauge formation, minor bridges and ancillary works for double line from Km 136 to Km 144 in PEN-ROHA section of Central Railway.
  • Construction of Private Siding (100 Km) for M/s Jindal Steel and Power Ltd. taking off from Angul-Talcher section of East Coast Railway.
  • Third Line Work between Rourkela and Jharsuguda Stations (Section II) - Execution of Earthwork in Formation, Construction of Minor Bridges, P. Way Linking Works with Supply of Track Ballast and other related works between Dharuadhi Station yard to Jharsuguda Station Yard from Km: 486.50 Km: 515.00.
  • Construction of Road Bed, Station Buildings, Passenger Amenities, Minor Bridges, General Electrical works in connection with new BG Rail line from Nuagaon Km 68.300 to Paradeep Km 81.200 on Khurda Road Division of East Coast Railway in the State of Odisha, India (Package 2C).
  • Jarapada-Budhapank with flyover at Talcher Road- 3rd & 4th line: Execution of Earth Work, Minor Bridges & Other Allied works (KM 525.133 to KM 483.047 i.e. 35.5 Km- 3rd Line & 42.00 Km- 4th line approx. excluding flyover portion at Talcher Road.
  • Budhapank-Salegaon Via- Rajathagarh – 3rd &4th line: Execution of earthwork, minor bridges & other allied works (Km: 483.047 to Km. 398.166 i.e 2*85 =170 km approx.
  • Construction of Six lane ROB in lieu of L.C. 70 Sitapura on JP-SWM Railway Line.
  • Execution works of package-1 of private railway siding with all Contractor’s materials (except Rails for plain track free of cost) for coal transportation system for Darlipali STPP of NTPC Limited in Sundergarh Dist Odisha State (from Ch. 6.000 to Ch. 12.460- Pkg.1) in Darlipali – Dulanga MGR section.
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